Our Sterngth

"Studying at Vindhya campus offers you the opportunity to undertake a cutting edge degree that will excite you and help you realise your career aspirations. These are some of the high-lights as to why should you choose us."

Our students get jobs

Today education is synonymous with examination, employment and empowerment; we believe it should also stand for emancipation, ennoblement and evolution. It should not be only with stuffing of facts in students mind but help them in actualizing their potential. VITS believes in raising level of all students on a continuous basis. They are made to compete with themselves. They are encouraged to think, to innovate and shoulder responsibility for their actions. We want to make them proactive individuals who are constantly and relentlessly adding value to their environment.

Practical Approach

Vindhya aims to produce genuine, responsible, and well-equipped human beings, and thus emphasizes on practical learning as well as developing theoretical knowledge base. This, practical approach ensures that students are ready to take on the industry challenges with ease and do well in the post college lives.

Industry Interaction

Vindhya regularly organizes industrial visits for students and even encourages industry experts to visit campus and thus, our students are industry-ready.

Academically Focused

Vindhya is dedicated to excellence in the delivery of education and has a well-earned reputation for providing exceptional education delivered by dedicated professionals with practical and relevant industry experience. Our academics are supported by teaching methodologies that maintain high levels of satisfaction among graduates and employers.

Excellent Infrastructure

Spread in around 25 acres, Vindhya campus is a vibrant place full of all basic amenities in a state-of-art infrastructure. The lush green campus and its landscaping matches the best in the country.

Developing the “total” You

Through various personality development workshops, trainings, and seminars, the students at our campus develop holistically as every platform essential for their development is made duly available to them.

The best of both Worlds

At Vindhya you can undertake a cutting edge degree while enjoying a great social life. Our campuses are ideally located, enabling access to a range of activities in the regions. You can join cultural or sporting groups, and can compete as well as organize various activities. Lower costs of living, unpolluted air and an increased sense of safety are just some of the advantages of living in Satna.

Developing Leaders

Vindhya offers a range of opportunities to help improve your leadership skills and all the co-curricular activities are driven by students themselves.