Satna (सतना)(Cement City) is a city in central India and a municipal corporation in Satna district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of Satna District. Satna is a border city of the state and is touched by the borders of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

History of Satna District is part of the history of BaghelKhand,of which a large part was ruled by state of Rewa while small part was ruled by feudatory chiefs,holding their states under British rulers. Satna got its name from Sutna or Satna river flowing in its vicinity. The river is originated from a beautiful spot at Sarang Ashram (Sutikshna Ashram) situated near sarangpur village of Panna district.Previously railway station was named as sutna and town was known as Raghurajnagar. gradually the town also became Satna. A long history is associated with this place. In Ramayana Era, Lord Rama stayed in the region of Chitrakoot; half of it is in the outskirts of Satna, shared with Uttar Pradesh, which contains the rest.

Satna district has some major religious tourism spots including 'Chitrakoot' and 'Maihar'. Satna district is proud to be close to an ancient city of Buddhist culture named 'Bharhut', whose archaeological remains are displayed in many museums in India and all over the world.In order to enlighten the glory of images of Bharhut Stupa,Bharhut Art Gallery has been established Within walking distance to the north of Satna Bus Station. The gallery is emballished with hundreds of photographs,replicas,epigraphs showing social and historical importance of the monument. Tulsi Museum at Ramvan, 16 km from the city, has many unique local artistic sculptures of ancient times. Lord Shiva temple at Birsinghpur-semariya is a famous and old temple in the region, worth visiting. Madhavgarh fort about 7 km from Satna Railway station (Rewa Road) is another place to visit around Satna.