• Mr. Pramod Pandey

"A Group Level Central Training & Placement Cell takes care of all training and placement related activities at the 3 Institutes of the Vindhya Group. Further each college has a separate Training & Placement Cell acting as the link between students and the Group Central Training and Placement Cell. "

Message from Training & Placement head

We at Vindhya Group of Institutions has a systematic process of meeting students career aspirations and corporate expectations.The Department acts a bridge between the institution,Industries and students.Our training modules are well designed to meet the emerging needs of the corporates.We are blessed with excellent alumni record and our students are representing us in top corporates globally.We aim to provide sustainable and effective placement opportunities to all our graduates and Post-graduates.

The Primary focus is to direct students towards their ultimate objective of best placement in companies in India and abroad. Two basic needs of industries i.e. technical competence and overall personality are specifically addressed to during the students stay at the College.

Special care is taken for overall development of the students mainly though emphasis on developing the right attitude, conducting courses on communication skills, group.

Regular guest lectures by eminent & experienced personalities from industries are organized and capable and committed guides are provided to students to assist them in their project work.

The Placement Cell also provides guidance for various competitive examinations e.g. GRE, GATE, GMAT and CAT to students who are keen to pursue future academic studies.


*  Well established T&P Cell, following 'Standard Professional Training Procedure'.

*  Career guidance by working & experienced professionals of Industries.

*  Personality Development, Body language, Positive attitude building, Communication skills classes are routinely delivered by guest lecturers.

*  Well designed regular training sessions are carried out, followed by Individual 'Brain mapping' for career selection.

*  Regular Career counseling, suggesting right career to right candidate by psychology test.

*  Psychological assistance for personal and professional improvement.

*  Job Specific Guidance by experienced professionals.