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Who we are?

Why choose us?

Studying at VITS campus offers you the opportunity to undertake a cutting edge degree that will excite you and help you realise your career aspirations. These are some of the high-lights as to why should you choose us.


Spread over a luxurios 25 acres, the picturesque campus comprises of various buildings with striking architecture. With state-of-the-art classrooms & laboratories, VITS gives the best opportunity for complete development of the students.


We at Vindhya Group of Institutions has a systematic process of meeting students career aspirations and corporate expectations.The Department acts a bridge between the institution,Industries and students.Our training modules are well designed to meet the emerging needs of the corporates.We are blessed with excellent alumni record and our students are representing us in top corporates globally.We aim to provide sustainable and effective placement opportunities to all our graduates and Post-graduates

Our Facilities


Hassle and risk free digital fee payment


sports center for overall developments of students

seminar hall

Practical based Learning with Seminar Halls and laboratories.

health & wellness

A place for your Perfect Workout Schedule


On Premises Cafeteria with fresh beverages and foods.

Vision & Mission


To catalyze transformation of our students into confident and responsible professionals, endowed with up to date knowledge and expertise in their chosen disciplines, excellent communication skills and sensitive souls who will be assets to their families, community, nation and humanity at large.


Excellence Dream big
Never being satisfied
Trust Be fair - do what is right
win win attitude, creative solution
Integrity Do what you say, say what you do
if fall become aware and acknowledge
Compassion Don't judge
Listen and Connect


Mr. Sunil Senani

"Education is not just knowledge of text books; education is not just about getting a job, it is about leading a meaningful and happy life. While it is imperative to impart all job oriented skills in our students it is also necessary to teach him how to think instead of only what to think ( Pre-decided syllabus and world view )"

Our Leaders

VITS Principal

Dr. P.K. Shukla

Principal, VITS


Ms. Nivedita Mishra

HR Manager


Mr. Akhil Pratap Singh



Dr. K.P. Tripathi

Principal, VIMS


Mr. Pramod Pandey

Training and Placement Head