Aims and Objectives

To provide a platform to express and perform every year to each student that is better than last year. To inculcate the habit of learning, growing and applying from various activities in students. Personality of all the students in the best possible way. To provide clear and greater understanding of the world outside the college. To provide the helping hand to all the students who contact us for help and support.

To be the face of college and dignity and pride. Core Committee always work for the overall development skills, performances and the enhances the different talent of the students of the institution. Core Committee provides the stage to the students of the institution and let them appreciate for their talent.

Our Testimonials

Our Team


Sanjana Tripathi
Post President
Ph No.- 6260025183
Course M.B.A.

Our Mission

To act as catalyst and provide opportunities to bring out the best from our students. To inculcate in the best from our students. To inculcate them values of teamwork, leadership, discipline and creativity. To make campus a vibrant space for learning and growing.

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