Vindhya Institute of Technology
and Science


About VITS

Vindhya Institute of Technology and Science (VITS) Satna was started in the year 2002 by the DPR Charitable Trust. Since then, more than 3000 students have graduated from VITS, and are presently working with various leading organizations in the country. Driven by visionary leadership of its founders which primarily include the alumni of IIT’s, IIM’s and BITS Pilani, the Institution has been striving to provide quality education to the students of Vindhya region.

With strict disciplinary model of academic delivery being in place, at VITS, regular classroom session are supplemented by periodic internal evaluation system, a regular system of feedback, and a constant industry interface. This means, that at VITS, excellent academic delivery is ensured.

Additionally, as teaching and industrial research go hand in hand to ensure professional developments of the students, thus, at VITS, the teaching methodology is not just based on the prescribed curriculum but has been made dynamic in nature to suit the global challenges.


"Education is not just knowledge of text books; education is not just about getting a job, it is about leading a meaningful and happy life. While it is imperative to impart all job oriented skills in our students it is also necessary to teach him how to think instead of only what to think ( Pre-decided syllabus and world view ).


Today education is synonymous with examination, employment and empowerment; we believe it should also stand for emancipation, ennoblement and evolution. It should not be only with stuffing of facts in students mind but help them in actualizing their potential. VITS believes in raising level of all students on a continuous basis. They are made to compete with themselves. They are encouraged to think, to innovate and shoulder responsibility for their actions. We want to make them proactive individuals who are constantly and relentlessly adding value to their environment."

Welcome to Vindhya Institute Of Technology and Science, Satna. The aim of the college is to provide unmatched qualitative education par excellence to develop the best that is latent in students and to encourage the students to explore and revel in the joy of learning.


Engineering is a functional interface between science and society. When the two domains are so inextricably linked, it becomes pertinent to implant strong foundations among our future engineers so that they can reap positive outcomes for their personal development as well as for the growth of the nation. In the present age of robust technological advancements, students just need a few catalysts that can stimulate their potential and can guide them in choosing the right thing at the right time through the right way.

VITS for the last 18 years has not spared any effort in playing a catalyst's role in fulfilling the aspirations of its students. It gives us immense pleasure to hear from our alumni about their continuing journey of success which they have achieved through their strong foundation.

VITS nurtures the individual talent and shapes it according to the individual needs. In the last few years, the institute has employed some unprecedented experiments that all move in the direction of the welfare of our students. With our futuristic vision, we wish that our students map greater scales of achievements and be proud for what they become in their lives.

– Dr. P.K. Shukla

– Dr. Rakesh Tiwari

Welcome to Vindhya Institute Of Technology and Science, Satna. The aim of the college is to provide unmatched qualitative education par excellence to develop the best that is latent in students and to encourage the students to explore and revel in the joy of learning.


"Welcome to Vindhya Institute of Management and Science, Satna. The aim of this Institute is to provide quality education in the field of Commerce and Management. After a successful period of seven years at VIMS, Satna which is one of the premier institutions in Vindhya Region in the field of Commerce and Management, I look forward with a new zeal and optimism to lead VIMS to greater heights of success. The enthusiasm that I have observed among the faculty members and the students of VIMS is truly commendable. With their support and positive attitude, I am confident that VIMS will soon become one of the best institutes in the country."


I promise that VIMS will work towards developing smart managers, entrepreneurs and IT Professionals thus contributing its bit to the development of our society and nation. All activities carried out by VIMS will focus primarily on grooming the students and enhancing their academic and inter personal skill sets and finally making them a good human being. We at VIMS have three different clubs i.e. Commerce Club, IT Club and Science Club performing various activities like Debate, Extempore, Poster Presentation, Power point Presentation etc. for all round development of students. Our students ranked top ten in University Examinations. I welcome all the students to approach me with their queries and concerns. Students’ success and their well-being will always remain the most important priority of VIMS.

– Mr. K.P. Tripathi

– Mr. Virendra Singh

We transform our students into confident and responsible professionals with up-to-date knowledge and expertise in their chosen disciplines, excellent communication skills and sensitive souls who are assets to their families, community, nation and humanity at large.


“Building the future of the youth along with building the youth of the future.” I am excited and overwhelmed by the astounding response that you all have given over the years and the trust shown by the parents and students on VITS snapping out of the aura of big cities and giving VITS the opportunity to thrive.